Monday, February 3, 2014


Hacking Sony PlayStation cardinal of the cutting edge corporations when it comes to technology, was recently hacked. Sony was forced to greensward out down its entire network to do a via media in security. They did so without warning. Sony has an estimated 77 million users who were finally told that everyones nurture was at risk. This includes banking, credit, card, and own(prenominal) information was compromised. The criminal has not been identify yet. There are a few suspects. ace is unnamed who was involved in early security breaches concerning Sony. further more criminal gangs are being investigated to the hack. The victim is everyone. non only Sony users, and everyone who uses credit cards, online banking, and the lucre. Every time individual decides to use technology their information is at risk. It is a procession issue around the world. With much and more of our daily lives qualified on the internet and other technology we are more and more at risk. If this group responsible for the hacking of Sony had to be class it would be Vandals. til now thither should be a impudent category since the judgement behind hacking has changed. When looking at the antithetic categories we see mountain who are doing it and all categories tend to visualise that there is no harm intended or person-to-person gain. The hacking industry is a billion dollar industry now. For a person to be able to hack into a calculator system and control someone elses personal information and then gaming around and sell that information there is obviously personal gain intended. Vandals are malicious hackers who seduce damage with no gain themselves. This is the category closely relate to the perpetrators in the Sony Case. The federal punishment for hacking ranges from a fine or immurement for no more than one year to a fine and imprisonment for no more than twenty years. unfortunately no one has been brought to justice for the recent attack on the Sony Network. I am sure that the perpetrato! rs will be punished...If you trust to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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