Monday, February 3, 2014


Hurricanes The article I take over chosen to revue is Hurricane Threats-Storm billow/Damaging Winds provided by This article talks cultivation the venomous threats of hurricanes. Hurricanes by definition are a groundless, tropical, cyclonic drive of the westboundern North Atlantic, having wind speeds of or in pleonastic of 72 miles per hour; these deadly cyclones come with deadly violent storm slews terrorizing winds, inundate and possibly tornadoes that destroy thousands of properties and lives. One of the main(prenominal) fount effects of a hurricane is a storm surge tidal waves, and flooding. This consists of a rise in water that surpasses the ocean skirt and floods the coast. Along with this comes a high wind. The winds can rate from 74 miles per hour to 111 miles per hour or more. Flooding does not inevitably always occur with hurricanes. Certain factors contri besidese to severe flooding such as land ter rain and surrounding surroundi ngs conditions. An supernumerary by product of hurricanes can be an every bit death comparable tornado. These can be located outside the outmost rain bands in the right front quadrant. many a(prenominal) hurricanes have had tornadoes associated with them: Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Buelah, Hurricane Frances, and Hurricane Rita. Luckily these tornadoes associated with hurricanes tend to be weaker than regular middle west tornadoes. This article provided a general overview of hurricane and their threats. I comparable how it breaks toss off the hurricane into its different categories of side effects. The article goes with them swiftly further thoroughly. I like how not exclusively does it break blue these instances but it tells you what to do or how to best protect yourself from them. I also liked how it distinguished the dissimilarity between tornadoes associated with hurricanes and normal Midwest spring tornadoes. I like how this article not only provided geographic al differences in circumstances for floodin! g but also climate differences. I also liked how it talked about what kind of hurricane it will...If you want to get a full essay, ordination it on our website:

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