Saturday, October 22, 2016

Analysis of the Film Enemy at the Gates

The scene opposition at the Gates shows the passage of arms of Stalingrad, Russia through the Russian rank of view. At the battle, the Ger valets and Russians fought over the ruined, once industrialized, city. The main idea that the movie portrayed, along with the brutality and humankind of war, was how important maven man could be in find victory or defeat. Vassili Zaitsev, play by Jude Law, was a Russian sniper and main character of the movie.\n\nIn real life, Zaitsev had over cxl confirmed German kills. The fame of Zaitsev and his kills brocaded Russian morale and do the Germans propaganda and efforts finalize to uselessness. Being such a threat to the German army, major(ip) Konig, the top German sniper who likely also served in WWI, was displace to Stalingrad to eliminate Zaitsev.\n\nAfter the twain snipers played cat and swipe with each other for rough days, Zaitsev began to underestimate his capability of defeating Konig. Konig, an senior(a) and wiser man, had Z aitsev trapped in a destroyed factory, but was deliver by Tania, a fille who volunteered to fight and fell in love with Zaitsev. After this, the 2 played cat and cower again and it seemed the game would neer end. Sacha, a boy who helped shit on Konig for the Russians, led Konig into Zaitsevs sights on more than one occasion. Having little patience for the boy, Konig hung him. As the movie reached the climax, Danilov, Zaitsevs close-set(prenominal) friend, having betrayed him because of his own selfish feelings for Tania, step out of safety to do the one proficient social function he considers himself of macrocosm surefooted of-showing Zaitsev where Konig is by being shot. In the end, having lost Danilov, Sacha, and probably Tania, Zaitsev flanks Konig and shoots the German sniper just as he realizes he is as good as dead. With the battle over, Zaitsev finds his injure Tania and must live on happily to discombobulateher.\n\nThroughout the movie, Russian officers punished their own handss cowardice by death. To be on the Russian side must adopt surely meant death to the amount soldier. To me, having All-American ideals, the thought of these men being shot down by the enemy and the ally was horrifying.\n\nIn one scene at the beginning of the...If you want to get a full essay, pitch it on our website:

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