Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Developmental Study Of Alex In Kubricks A Clockwork Orange Essay

A Developmental Study of Alex in Kubricks A Clockwork Orange compendium of A Clockwork Orange     In A Clockwork Orange, the main character is that of a mildly youngchild of 15 who, along with his fellow friends, or "Droogs", partake in eveningsof Ultra-Violence. Ultra Violence consists of random beatings, theft,destruction, and rape. The main character, Alex, is the self-proclaimed drawing cardof the pack, and makes judgment on their actions pending on his mood. His Droogseventually find themselves to a lower place his direct rule, following his every word, anddecide to challenge his authority.     The three Droogs (Dim, Georgie, and Pete) uniting Alex on his romp to alocal "fat farm" to cabbage the goods therein. Inside, Alex stumbles upon theowner of the resort, and after a length scuffle with her, ends up tolerant her ablow to the head with a rather large, ceramic riposte of an erect penis. When heleaves the outer gate s of the complex, Dim surprises him by smack a milkbottle against his face. His counterparts escape while little Alex is go awaybleeding and blinded to deal with the police.     Upon interrogation of Alex, he discovers that the blow he delivered tothe young lady was a fatal one. He is charged with first-degree absent andsentenced to 14 years in prison. While there, he befriends the resident parsonand becomes a overhauler to his service. The minister, Alex briefly discovers, is apart in a new form of preaching that is trying to be implemented prisons tohelp "cure" inmates from committing acts of violence. Through luck anddiscussion with the higher officials in the prison, Alex is chose to be a guineapig for the experiment, and is sent to become "inoculated from violence".     The treatment consisted of Alex being strapped down to a chair in frontof a cinema screen, having electrodes attached to his head, and being keptfoc used by slim pairs of clamps used to disable his ability to blink. This,along with the injection of an experimental serum, is monitored whilst he viewsmovies of UltraViolence. The serum leaves him vulnerable to his surroundings,which are destructive films, and induces such feelings of helplessness, fear,and near-death paralysis, similar to that of drowning. Alex soon associates thi... ...sounds of Beethoven were not intentional, thus not needingreinforcement.However, Alexs trauma could also be referred to as a Skinner approach totreatment. Skinners theory was that one could come through a conditioned response bygiving the subject confirming or negative reinforcement. In his experiments, amouse was put in a cage with nothing but a pressable button and a light. Whenthe band was depressed, the light flashed and provender was delivered into the cage.If the mouse were dropped into a similar cage, it would be safe to assume thatit would retain the reaction to hit a bar and receive f ood. The conditionedresponse was to hit the bar when hungry. The reinforcement was the food that wasprovided by completing the response. In Alexs case, the reinforcement would bethe metal gladness of not going through with his reddened needs when he issubjected to violent surroundings.In conclusion, the theories used as a basis behind Stanley Kubriks AClockwork Orange, resemble that of the theories that came from the greaterthinkers of modern time. Alex, the guinea pig in this tale, is a classic exampleof many psychologists case studies, and could be analyzed other than from each.

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