Thursday, February 7, 2019

Another One Bites The Dust :: essays research papers

Another One Bites the DustSweet Diamond Dust, scripted by Rosario Ferre, focuses on advanced(a)ization and how its impacted the country of Puerto anti-racketeering law and its people. This book discusses the struggles and hardships of managing sugar mills and the influential changes the Americans brought to Puerto Rico in the early 1900s. The Americans triumph over the local landowners and their sugar mills, was not every last(predicate) from their own doings. Their succeederes is in part of the towns own greed. finished manipulation, persuasion, and cunnings, Diamond Dust was able to survive through the toughest of hardships, and still dispense to be the only competitor (in Puerto Rico) to the northerners. With Diamond Dusts success also came a price, and with the very same methods that brought the mill to its climax, also do it fall to its knees, through greed.In the beginning there was much remonstrate of how proud the people of Puerto Rico were of their country, Built on the gently rolling wave slopes that descend form Mount Guamani, it looks upon a savannah of fabulously fertile loam, whose sabled, furrowed topsoil is considered to be one of the richest in the world. (3-4) But as the book progresses, it begins to reveal its true side. The town of Guamani was not as nonviolent and giving as it is told to be. The writer tends to discuss how the Americans arrival has changed the town for the worse. removed from being a paradise, Guamani has become a hell, a monstrous sough from which the terrifying funnel of Snow White Sugar Mills spews step up sugar night and day toward the north. (7) Many Puerto Ricans of lower stature or less well of than the rich, truly believed the northerners were saviors who helped modernize a town in need of relief All this was done away with when the foreigners came they established modern methods of reaping and planting the field hands were treated like human beings sort of of like slaves their children could go to sc hool they were given adequate housing and spot In other words, the northerners were a blessing to the poor and to the middle divide as well, albeit to the rich. (68) Diamond Dust faced umpteen hardships that could have tardily wiped it out of business, but thanks to the devotion and patience spent managing the land, it overcame many close turnovers. Between Don

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