Friday, February 15, 2019

Baroque Style :: essays research papers

The baroqueness style was a style in whichthe inventionistic creationifice and artists of the while focused upon details, and intricate designs.During this time the portraits began to portray modern life, and artists moody their backs on classical tradition. Buildings were more elaborateand ornately decorated. These works of art bring ind history and alteredthe progress of Western Civilization. The progress has been an unevenone. reversion and progress often alternated, and shifts in directionoften occurred. Art, architecture, literature, and historical events shaped the ideas of the era we know today. Architecture such as thepalace of Versailles, and artists kindred Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Goyasymbolize these ideas.The palace of Versailles is a grand buildingoutside of Paris, which exhibits the characteristics of the fancy style.It was elaborately decorated and the final product took 20 years to create.The compete is covered with a sheet of gold e genuinely room is chan ge with intricatecarvings and elegant figurines. Each room reflects a certain timeor king by the change in furniture and style. These cortege demonstratethis with items such as back-less chairs, which were created to accommodatethe clothes of the closure. The materials used to create each piece in any case distinguish the time period. First generation furniture wasmade of sterling silver, and the upholstery was changed with the seasons.Second generation furniture was very elaborate and made of wood.Versailles is a perfect example of progression in Western art. Theentire house displays the transition from Medieval to Renaissance to theBaroque stylings. The palace is like a museum, which shows the progressof society using art and architecture.Caravaggio was an artist of this periodwho was also a pioneer in art. The artists of this period began toportray modern life, instead of religious figures. Caravaggio wasa violent human beings who came to Italy to paint. Rebelling against conv entionalideas- divine intervention, Virgin Mary, and death- he came to create hisown style, forcing civilization ahead, and forcing others to follow hispath. His paintings show pleading through mans direct knowledge of God.By revolting against the classical traditions, he created his own style,which other artists wished to portray also. Thus, he created a forwardmovement in the fashion of art and architecture.Rembrandt was also an artist who wishedto depict art in a new manner. Rembrandt, although in fact he wasa profound student of the classical tradition, wanted to look at everyepisode as if it had never been visualized before, and to try to find anequivalent for it in his own experience. (Clark, 203). ...Rembrandts paintings

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