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The Camp David Accord Essay -- Political History Historical Israel Ess

The ring David AccordWorks Cited MissingBy 1978 the thirty-year war that had been fought between Egypt and Israel had postdate to a point where there was a chance for peace. The area that had been at the center of the turmoil was the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza take apart. The problem was that both countries believed that they had the rights to this field Israel, biblic every last(predicate)y and Egypt, politically. So an invitation by President Jimmy Carter to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and prime government minister Menachem Begin of Israel was extended. The invitation was for a meeting in the Catoctin Mountains of Mary disgrace at the presidential retreat, Camp David. The meeting was so that the framework of a peace apprehension, cognise as the Camp David Accord, could be laid out between Sadat and Begin, with Carter as the mediator. Both Sadat and Begin had their re poseations and their countries futures on the line, not to mention the future of the ker nel East. All of the countries neighboring Egypt and Israel would be affected by an Egyptian/Israeli commensurateness of any kind and maybe encouraged to come to an agreement of some sort for that region.A lot of problems had to be overcome for this make to be a success. One of them was that the annoyance and suspicions between President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin ran very deep. Another problem was that the outside pressures were excessively strong to permit an easy and early resolve for issues that had a wide and ancient history (Mideast 26). The last problem was the hope that President Carter could put out of his mind the psychological profiles done by the CIA on both Begin and Sadat, which could have adversely affected his ability to mediate the proceedings.The long-standing hatred between Sadat and Begin was not one of a personal nature. It had more to do with the political differences of their two countries. Israel has held that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were t heirs because of the insane asylum of the State of Israel, out of what was Palestine in 1948 and by right of heredity. This was the land that God had told Moses was the Jewish Promised Land. The Egyptians, on the other hand, claimed that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were theirs. They based their claim on the fact that there were Egyptian citizens reinforcement in these areas at the time, the State of Israel was established, so therefore it must be Egyptian land.In ... ...reaty between them within three months of the signing of this agreement (Camp 43). So by the close of the summit, Begin had accepted the new words, which he once had considered improbable (Blitzer 48). For someone like Begin, who holds a lot of appraise in the power of words, this agreement was not easy to come by. What all the men involved wanted to know was how the meaning of the words would be translated on the ground in the months and geezerhood to come (Blitzer 48).In the last(a) analysis of the meeti ngs at Camp David, its important not to management on what was not accomplished, but on what was. The agreement that these two leadership came to was much more than a framework for peace it was a initiatory step in a long process. A process that more people here and abroad thought would never come. In the years that followed this summit, there were more and more talks that have lead to the congenator peace in that part of the world today. So, what Camp David did more than anything else was to toughened the groundwork to get people talking to each other in a positive direction. The three men had progressed from an agreement to pray in concert to an agreement to try and make a lasting peace (Blitzer 48).

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