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Role of the student in higher education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Role of the pupil in higher(prenominal) education - Essay pillow slipThis is also a right approach to ensure that students get the right companionship so that they faeces be able to rely on themselves. On the other hand, this form of education bequeath be instrumental in ensuring that the students acquire the essential job related skills. On the other hands, it provides theoretical knowledge to apply to real work (Kay 2010). These institutions provide social and community incorporated education and hence reinforces the relevancy of higher education towards national development. As a result, this strengthens job relevant skills and innovation skills. This will befriend especially in nursing due to technology influence (Mastrian et al. 2010). Therefore, it can be viewed as a way of making a connection between formal schooling and social/community development (Baumann & Blythe, 2008). All these ideals alleviate in shaping a career. Higher education is of essence to nursing stude nt as it makes them dutyal, relevant, and follow regulation. Nursing education is paramount in higher education (HE). This will help in improving nursing knowledge before and after they get their licenses. This is because a difference be in the practice nurses were educated in the 20th century. These skills are no longer up to select as compared to the wellness care pauperisms in the 21st century. This is because patient needs and care mount has become more involved. This has been the case due to the rise of chronic diseases such as diabetes and the ever-increasing aging population. Therefore, nurses need requires competencies to deliver high quality care (Chiarella & McInnes n.d.). Such competencies include leadership, health policy, system improvement, research and assure based practice, and teamwork as well as collaboration (Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2010). Likewise, competency is needed in distinct areas. The HE will also help nurses to cater for increasing roles in hea lthcare and obtain necessary technological skills and data management system (IOM 2010). This will take place as they cooperate and adjust care across teams of health professionals. On the other hand, nursing should be treated like a profession. In fact, in this decade nursing requires more skill, intelligence, and education. This is because the increasing demand for nurses calls them to have unique and attainments. In the past, uneducated, wicked women were allowed to take care of the sick as nurses. It is also necessary to note that the medical profession was against nurses acquiring education and awareness in the early years (DeNisco & Barker 2012). However, this has changed significantly with the acceptance of health care professionals having l pissed nurses. Hence, nursing need to be considered as a profession. This way the knowledge they earn will help them in linking theory to practice. Therefore, just as other profession requires a recognize higher education to be able to link theory to practice, the same should apply to nursing. In higher education, nurses get an opportunity to learn concepts and put it into practice. In such institutions, nurses get an opportunity to develop scathing thinking to manage nursing care and service within a group of intellectuals when meeting the requirements of the patients. For example, they will be able to use the current technology in communicating with doctors in the theatre section. In addition, patient is most likely to be able to trust a nurse based on his or her competency (Price 2013). On the other han

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