Sunday, September 1, 2019

Communication Barries Essay

Communication is the imparting or exchanging information and news with people around us. Therefore, communication is an important theme for our daily life. Without communications well in this generation, people may cause conflict between each other. Communication as well contains barriers like non-verbal signals, language, pre-judgement, relationships, listening, systems and emotional responses. According to my past communication barriers that I have experienced, in the past, I do not know how to speak or read in Chinese because I have study and use to the environment there in English primary school since I was young. After I finished my primary school, I entered the secondary school. I have found out that I am having difficulties to communicate with my schoolmates and teacher and they can’t communicate well with me. Moreover, in the secondary school now, as a Chinese student, the Chinese students are compulsory to attend Chinese classes and take the Chinese subject as a main subject other than the bahasa subject. Not just that, I often having misunderstanding with my classmates with my language too. Next, I have also found that their lifestyle was totally different from me. For example, every Friday, the Muslim’s student will have to go for their pray in the noon of 12pm so that we also have to stop our class lesson on 12pm every Friday. In this situation, I have analyzed the problem that I am not use to it in my secondary school. First of all, I am having the problem of one of the communication barrier, language. The meaning in English to Chinese and Malay have various of different meaning that I can’t crop up and sometimes I could misunderstanding what are they trying to send me a message in a conversation. Next, the cultural problem. I may have not use to their cultural in the Malay secondary school. For example, I did not know that in the Chinese culture of sending them clock as a gift by meaning sending them off to death. Not just that, I have found out that Malay could not eat non-halal foods while the Chinese can’t eat cows. Lastly, the listening problem. As I use to the English’s school environment, sometimes I could misunderstand of my classmate speak to me. It is hard for me to crop up by sudden changing of my environment lifestyle. In order for me to encounter that I faced, I have been study and doing some research of language in my secondary school. I was impelled to follow up to the tuition classes to strengthen my Chinese and Malay’s language. Not just that, during my school time, I was practicing language with my classmates or even noted down that words to look for the dictionary to find out the meaning. As for the cultural problem, my classmates told me about their cultural lifestyle during recess or free time. I have learned one of the Malay’s lifestyle of eating by using the right hand. Moreover, if there any special occasion, my classmate would invite me to their house to celebrate with them so that I could easily understand their culture. Lastly, the listening, I encountered the problem by asking them to repeat or explain of what are they trying to message me during our conversation.

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